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Kebab Hawaii Village (Bielefeld & Neuss)

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A Village with people from and fnordeingang


Horstwursti, xchange, akkufuchs, h1rich

Orga: Horstwursti


  • 3480 - Callgroup to all villagers
  • 4778 - DECT Horstwursti


  • unknown


  • Network and electricity distributor
  • Covered area for handicrafts, eating and more.
  • Open space to distribute during talks (bring your own chairs!)
  • Solar power (12V → 230V)
  • Lots of colored light
  • c3lounge Radio OB truck


If you have any questions, requests or misunderstandings, call us:

  • From the public telephone network: +49 521 38360946
  • From the internal Eventphone network: 3667 (DONR)
  • From the EPVPN network: 093667

or visit our Support page: Kebab Hawaii Support